April 28, 2009

Terribly sorry

Hello i am so very sorry i haven't been posting i have just been so busy. I have had my dance recital where you can find pictures at goldberg photography. I have had school and so much other things to stress about. I am now having knee problems. About once every day now my knee gives up and just locks and i can't walk. Please do pray for me. Well, now that that is over with i am just exhausted. I can't wait till summer vacation to just have my alone time and relax. I am so excited to see Karsynn. I am sure she has grown up so much. Thank you to all the people who have looked at my blog. Sammi : Thank you so much for being such a kind,genorus,amazing person to me even when you barely know me. I am so ready to talk to you about my next mission. I miss you all. XOXOXOXOXO Rachel

February 16, 2009

Hi Sorry

Hi i am so sorry i haven't been able to talk much. I have had the worst cold and friend drama and i also am getting ready to go over to my friends house for a week.It should be an interesting week. Please pray for me and my family while we are separated from each other for this whole week. My parents are going to El Salvador and I have to stay with a friend so i can go to school.My little sister is staying with our Aunt and Uncle and her 3 children so she gets the worst part of it. She has a two year old and two 8 year old twins. OK well i will try to keep up with blogging i am just so busy. Next Friday through that next Saturday I will not be on. Sorry. Rachel

February 8, 2009


My best friend feels like we shouldn't be friends anymore because i have been so busy and haven't been able to talk. She says that all her friends are saying we shouldn't be friends anymore. I don't know.She sent me this huge email saying what i did to her and i apologized. DRAMA

January 23, 2009


Sorry i haven't been posting. But i have been sick for the past few days. I caught the cold from Grace. Poor baby. I have a horrendous cough right now. I have a very bad sore throat and can barely breath through my nose. This is hopefully going to go away by tomorrow so i can be ready for my party this weekend.My cousins and aunt are coming and some other friends and family. I am so excited to teach them all my new dance i have made. Sorry i am so bad at new pictures but i will try to post some next week because i am busy all the rest of this week. Hope all had a great inauguration day. Rachel

January 16, 2009

For sale

Hello there i am selling a new kind of bookmark or bracelet whichever one you want. Please do pass this on to others. I need to start making money and i love to make artwork and bookmarks and bracelets . I will post some pics later. I have plenty of different choices. You can get a bookmark for $2.00 and a bracelet for $3.50 They are not too expensive ,but they are great quality. There are different colors. You get two colors for one bookmark ,but three colors for a bracelet. The colors are green,red,pink,light blue,blue,yellow,purple,and rainbow. The rainbow bookmark or bracelet is $3.00 That is the best price. Do still please pass this message along to your friends. I need to start a small business.The bookmarks come with a bible verse and the bracelets come with a small picture. I am going to need your address to be able to ship or send these bracelets to you. I promise not to tell anyone your name or address. It is all going to be secret with me.

January 13, 2009


Sorry but i am not able to post pictures of anyone anymore. Whenever i try to upload just one my computer freezes.